I've been thinking about building a z80 based single board computer for learning purposes and the topic of video/graphics output has been one challenge I've been thinking of.

I'd be looking of something that could output a buffer on a screen, with a resolution similar to that of retro consoles, say 320x240.

Simple solutions are the best for me, I'd even go composite for this purpose.

Does anyone know of any single IC related solution that could achieve this?
My previous attempt at a VGA generator circuit didnt end so well. (The thread is somewhere on cemetech). However, one idea I has is that, maybe you could make HSYNC, VSYNC, HSYNC+VSYNC, and "reset counter" be "colors" that the cpu can write to a large buffer. From there you would just need a 12 or 16 or whatever bit counter to read pixels from the buffer, plus some circuit to decode the "control colors" (you could use a ROM look up table for this).
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