I have been using Khicas for a bit and it works pretty well for what I need.

However I cannot do certain partfrac which involve anything but a 1 on the numerator side and results in just an expanded equation with no partfrac.

Below I have attached a link
Does anybody know how I should be forming them before putting it into partfrac, or is there some limitation whereby it can't do more complicated partial fraction?

Thank you
Hi, it looks like you have operation precedence issues here. This is what KhiCAS reads:

9x² + 25x + (16/9)x² - 16

which is just a normal polynomial, so partfrac() performs no transformation. Did you want this instead?

(9*x^2 + 25*x + 16) / (9*x^2 - 16)

This new expression gives 1 + (49/18 ) / (x-4/3) + (1/18 ) / (x+4/3) in Xcas for Firefox.
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