I will release my new version of Mathprog once I can get my ticalc.org account to work.

Current features (* indicates changed and ** indicates new):
*Prime Factor (includes negatives & only lets you input integers)
*Test Prime (fixed bug)
*Radical Simplifier
Geometric Mean
Information (number of uses & time/date)
*Roman Numeral (fixed bug)
Clock (draws hands & finds angle between them)
**Area (finds the area of an n-sided polygon, given the coordinates)
**Fast Graph (graphs MOST equations with multiple quality levels, which correspond to different speeds)
**Keeps track of last chosen item
Deletes all variables used
*Slight change in the start screen

That's about all, but if anyone has any suggestions or questions, just ask!

Note that all algorithms are optimized Very Happy and fast.

Requires a list of first 999 primes to run (included, obviously).

It might go on our website, if another member will ever tell me how to edit it (learned the basics of HTML in about 20 minutes the other day), or if he includes it.

On average, how long does it take a submitted program to make it into the archives on ticalc.org?
b-flat wrote:
On average, how long does it take a submitted program to make it into the archives on ticalc.org?

I'm not sure. It says there are about 50 pending files, so they should be released any day now...
LOL, when I added mine to the list, there were about 64 others (yay, 2^6).

Actually, I submitted 2 programs (cave & mathprog).

Cave is probably PS's best really simple game (evidently a bunch of 7th graders really like it at my school. Weird, because I only gave it to a single person) and a guy in my grade loves it.

Actually, when it is really useful is during the calculator active part of the math EOGs because it takes about 15 minutes to create the full version (5 for the shorter one without nice features, just basic game; they clear your memory-all of it), which provides something to do for the last 2 or so hours of the test.

I forgot to mention this earlier, but Penguin Studios also has a separate email address for related emails: PenguinStudio00@gmail.com
Regarding Penguin Studios: if you need HTML/CSS help, you can use the fora here.
very ture, we are here to help you out with whatever you want.
*true Laughing
Oh, and PHP, graphics design, and Javascript, of course. Cool
Actually, right now where I really need help is getting the guy who created the website to tell me the password/how to edit it.

Version 2.2 has been released (With a readme!!!) to ticalc.org.

I don't know when the file will make it into the archives, because the last time I tried to upload a file (almost 2 weeks ago), it still hasn't made it (any of 3).

I am already working on version 2.3, which the only current addition is a program that allows you to convert between any 2 number bases.
It is pretty good (it better be at around 500 bytes!!), and won't allow you to enter invalid bases, or invalid numbers in that base. For calculators with only uppercase letters, only use the first 36 bases, but if you have lowercase, it goes up to 62.

I really hope the file makes it, because this isn't just a program of formulas.

Actually, what I really want is some feedback on how I can make it better.
Please email me what you think at

This is a link to my profile (username b-flat), but nothing is there yet.
Ok, you can check our website for it, because I sent it to the guy that made the website, and he should have it up this weekend.

HOW THE HECK LONG DOES IT TAKE ticalc.org to put stuff in their archives?
I submitted some programs (Cave1.4) about 3 weeks ago, and they still haven't been added. This is kind of annoying.

The person who does Penguin Studios website had some problems with his computer, so he is still getting back, but I think that MathProgram 2.2 will be available on our website sometime this weekend.

NOTE: When I submitted my program, the quene was "minimal," whatever that means.

Sorry this is a double post, but it has been long enough, so I think it is OK (and to bring it up to the top so people will notice it...).

Other news about Penguin Studios, we may have a new member joining us if he passes the application, which would give us 7 total members.

Our website:

Are you guys going to put up any programs on your website. Seems kinda pointless to not have them.

They go really slowly other than summer, at least from what I've seen.
Like I said, they should be up some time this weekend, the guy who runs the site was having computer problems.

If you want a copy now (I really want feed back Very Happy ), just post your email address, and I will send a copy from the company email.

Right now, other than email, there is nothing that I can do to help get my programs out quicker.
KermMartian wrote:
Regarding Penguin Studios: if you need HTML/CSS help, you can use the fora here.

KermMartian wrote:
*true 0x5
Oh, and PHP, graphics design, and Javascript, of course. Cool

Do you also help fix clogged toilets and sinks? Laughing
LOL, probably just sinks.

My email is FLCLlove4@lycos.com
OK, when I was half asleep over 3 weeks ago, I uploaded the wrong version of Math Program, didn't include the list of the first 999 primes, did not include a readme, and called the wrong thing (that version does not work at all). For some reason, I thought it was version 2.3, but the actual latest version is 2.2, so please just ignore that version if you find it (mathprog.zip).

If you want the real version, visit our website found in my signature and look under downloads. Sorry for the inconvienience.

This means that the correct version will probably make it into the archives in a little over 2 weeks.

All Penguin Studios files will begin with PS, and when it finally makes it to the archives, please vote on how good it is. Thanks.

Also, Sage Orator, none of your emails are coming through. Sad
Could you try to copy the sent message into a PM and send it to me? Thanks again.
Sage Orator wrote:
0x5, probably just sinks.

My email is FLCLlove4@lycos.com
Oh, sorry, we only do showers, toilets, and plumbing, but no sinks. Maybe UnitedTI can do that?
Laughing I'll see. Laughing

I know, my email has been doing something weird recently so that I can't send messages. I'll pm in the future.
Is the project done yet? I would like to see it.
De2290 wrote:
Is the project done yet? I would like to see it.

Please tell me that this is some epic form of satire, and you are making fun of all the necroposting.

This thread is literally 12 years old.
Yep, definetely is satire. Do you want me to take it down?
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