Hi All,

Hopefully, someone is reading this and will have an idea what's going on as I'm pretty frustrated at this point:

I own an HP 50g and have been trying to use the Finance function. Specifically, I want to solve for PV given N, i, FV.

I get into the Finance screen and enter the following values:


I then highlight PV and select Solve.

The calculator determines PV=-56517.12 which is incorrect (should be 30000.00 - Think Law of 72).

Any ideas what I am missing here?

Thanks for your help!

As you said, the present value should be around $30,000, but this is not what you entered into the Finance Solver. Because there are no payments when you solve compound interest problems, PMT must be set to 0 (which you already did) and P/YR must be set to 1.

So using these variables:

N = 9
I%YR = 8
PMT = 0
FV = 60,000
P/YR = 1
C/YR = 12 // Compounding payments per year - Apparently this unavailable on the HP 50g?

your finance calculator will determine the present value to be -$30,014.94 (~$30,000),
(although technically, if its compounding monthly, it should be more like $29,275.00, but your calculator doesn't have a compounding payments per year option, so...)
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