So I just got my hands on a 84+CE used for $35 from a college surplus store. This particular unit seems to have not been used in a while, as it is on Boot Code 5.0.0 and Base Code 5.0.1.

From what I've heard, the last "good" OS version before TI started to remove programmer-friendly features was 5.3.0. Should I update to this? Is there any advantage to using a version lower than this?
OS 5.3.0 made graphing about 14% slower, but that's the only downside and it's not even noticeable. All its other features like extra Basic commands, running ASM programs without needing Asm(, and the availability of Asm84CEPrgm make it a great OS to update to. I've been using it since it came out in 2017 and never encountered any issues.
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