If you've ever used Microsoft Windows, you've probably experienced the joy that is the Blue Screen of Death.

Now your friends can also have the BSoD experience... on their calculator!

Here's something to look at:

(pending) Download link: https://www.cemetech.net/downloads/files/2111/x2259

(note to self: probably a good idea to include this with the Windows 10 Update Prank.)
That shade of blue is off, the modern BSoD is more cerulean than this teal-looking colour.
You should probably put the projects together, so the update fails and gives the BSOD. Definitely something I'll be sneaking onto unattended calcs for sure; just add a little percentage counter for the error data and maybe a "WAIT_WHAT_LOL" error code and it'll be just like the real thing!
And a RickRoll QR of course
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