So Oven and I have been working on our CC24 entry called:
Uninhabited Island CE!

Game theme: You are attempting to survive on an uninhabited island for a month. Using natural resources, you must protect yourself from the wild while maintaining healthy living conditions.
Game features:
►Randomly generated enemies
►Sleeping during day to speed up time
►Sleeping during night to save, skip to day, and heal health by 50%
►A hunger bar
►A health bar
►Unlocking different islands
►Ranks based on EXP
►Autosave (maybe)
…And more to come!

Because we don't have a great name for our game, it would be helpful if you could suggest a name for us!
Ok I have some bad news...
So my partner and I won't be able to submit this game for the contest. Sad

We have made some progress, but are new to ICE and need more time to get familiar with the language. I also have a midterm next week and I need to study so I won't be able to work on this project. We will continue on working on it and plan to release it as a standalone game after my test is over so not all hope is lost.

Thanks for understanding,
KMisthebomb and Oven

tl;dr Not enough time to finish this game, will release later but not as a contest entry
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