Could I bother anyone for a copy of manual for the TI Keyboard that plugs into the I/O port?

I have look high and low and have been unable to find. Unfortunately, I did not get a CD with mine.

Notefolio is available from TI but not reference to Keyboard. The keyboard shortcuts are not obvious.

Control keys are a diamond and a square.????
Thanks anyway guys. I guess I will do it the hard way... I'll earn it.





It may be that no one active here has it. I'll be getting a TI-89 and some accessories sometime soon. I can see if it comes with that manual.
If you just need keyboard shortcuts then you may want to look at the video I made about connecting any keyboard to your calculator here: at about 3:10 you can see an image from TI-Planet (which I can't find the source link) that shows all the key combos and what they do.
Thanks, TheLastMillennial. From what I have found...

"TI Keyboard" keyboard shortcuts:

Character keys act as normal.

[diamond]"`~” = “APPS"
[diamond]”1" = “Y=“ key
[diamond]”2” = “WINDOW’
[diamond]”3” = “ZOOM"
[diamond]”4” = “TRACE”
[diamond]”5” = “GRAPH”
[diamond]”Backspace” = “CLEAR”
[diamond]”Del” = Toggles “INSERT/OVERWRITE”
[diamond]”Q” = “QUIT” (2ND-MODE)

[square]"anykey" = nothing

So either my keyboard is damaged or something is missing which would be explained by documentation.

Okay I found info for keyboard on WayBackMachine
Uploaded relevant manuals:
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