Oh hey, I'm glad you're able to use my other background as well! It looks great, and I can't wait to try it!
King Dub Dub wrote:
...I can fix that in a few minutes...

I am too stupid to learn not to curse myself like this...

Oh, I fixed it alright, the only issue is that the USB overwrite happens now due to the fact that I could only get 6 tiles malloc'd with almost all the code deleted. I'm going to have to move all the obstacle sprites outside of the main code and read those from the flash, although that was a plan already since it allows for custom graphics. I need to figure out how to use LUT entries correctly with multiple converts in the same appvar, but I can make a temporary hack by using lots of separate appvars again for each obstacle until I have a cleaner release. I plan on saving a little read time by making all sprites RLET and saving their flipped forms as well, which will sadly increase the program size. I could always compress them and "cache" the uncompressed versions in the flash but that would cause issues if there wasn't enough space, so I'm just leaving the massive tilesets as they are for now.

'Tis update time my fellows:

What I thought was a convimg bug was just intended behavior that I couldn't reverse-engineer by myself, Mateo explained it and I still think it's gross, but I can just stop using tilesets for now until I have a stupidly optimized way to fix it.

It's faster, the zappers turn in the right directions as they do in-game, it's now impossible for missiles and zappers/coins to be spawned at the same time, the drawing code no longer overwrites past the drawing buffer, and the total project size is growing faster than the US national debt. Also, all the game assets are completely exposed, and there isn't a single sprite included in JETPACK.8xp, so custom assets are possible

Enjoy 1.7.1, looks like it's time to bite the bullet and work on the menuing stuff and converting everything to uncompressed RLET sprites that I haven't already.
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