Base is an exciting edition to Base Attack and Base Invade. In this program, it includes Base Attack and Base Invade, 28 unlockable achievements, difficulty levels, gameplay stats, and more!

Base Attack: Go around the room and clear out items and destroy the cores on the right to destroy the base. Estimated gameplay time: 4-6 minutes.
Base Invade: Advance in five areas and use bombs to clear out clutter, kill enemies, and destroy the cores in area five. Enemies grow increasingly stronger for each area you advance. Estimated gameplay time: 6-14 minutes. You can only earn achievements in this mode.

Difficulty modes: Easy, Normal, Hard, Crazy (Impossible mode coming soon in version 1.14)
Secret Room: A secret room is accessible somewhere in the map of Base Invade, with infinite health and 6-ups, and a special boss. Also includes an easter egg.

Stats: Shows plays, difficulty, play time, and battery level. More info will be showed in a later version.

Uninstall: If you no longer want the game on your calculator, you can select this option to fully remove the software along with it's save data. ACTION CANNOT BE UNDONE, PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!!

Save: Save game data to an appvar. Appvar can be editted, but what's the fun of achieving if you cheat?


    Untouched I: Win without taking damage 3 times.
    Untouched II: Win without taking damage 7 times.
    Untouched III: Win without taking damage 15 times.
    Untouched IV: Win without taking damage 30 times.

    Killer Bee I: Kill 5 enemies
    Killer Bee II: Kill 20 enemies
    Killer Bee III: Kill 50 enemies

    Too Tough I: Win 10 times without using the six-health

    Loser I: Lose 10 times
    Loser II: Lose 25 times
    Loser III: Lose 50 times
    Loser IV: Lose 100 times
    Loser V: Lose 200 times

    Bomber I: Use 20 bombs
    Bomber II: Use 40 bombs
    Bomber III: Use 80 bombs
    Bomber IV: Use 160 bombs

    Beginner I: Win 10 times on Easy mode.
    Intermediate I: Win 10 times on Normal mode.
    Expert I: Win 10 times on Hard mode.
    Professional I: Win 10 times on Crazy! mode.

    Risky I: Win Crazy! mode 1 time on a low battery.
    Risky II: Win Crazy! mode 5 times on a low battery.
    Risky II: Win Crazy! mode 20 times on a low battery.

    Platinum I: Unlock all achievements.

Size: 10,497
Version: 1.14
Capability: TI-84 Plus/SE (As it uses time commands)
Lines: 919 (Mr. Bean easter egg)
Author(s): Bio_Hazard1282

©2020 Bio_Hazard1282, C3 Productions. All rights reserved. Copyrighted software such as Celtic III and zStart belong to their respective owners. Players are allowed to use the software and are allowed to redistribute to others on behalf of Bio_Hazard1282, as long credit is given to the original authors. This software is not under any liscence. This software is intended to be functional and stable, however authors of this software are not responsible for damage or data loss.

Any ideas or comments? PM me or post below!

BONUS: Includes cool font to enhace character graphics. This is a zStart font file. Not recommended for standard OS usage.
This sounds like a very interesting and fun project. Do you have an idea of when it'll be released?
RoccoLox Programs wrote:
This sounds like a very interesting and fun project. Do you have an idea of when it'll be released?

Today. I'll work on that right now.
Heh, you're like me. Writes WAAAAY more information than is really needed in a single post.

Anyways, what language is this? Axe? BASIC?
It is BASIC that uses Celtic 3 libraries
I'm too fond of Axe
It's been uploaded, pending review. Hopefully, everyone who tries it likes it!
This is the best program I've made (so far)
*is sitting in corner with a simple pen app*
"Anyone like my app?"
Keep in mind for anyone who downloads this, THIS WILL NOT WORK ON OS 2.43 OR BELOW.
Have you thought about making an application version of Base?
RoccoLox Programs wrote:
Have you thought about making an application version of Base?

A flash application?
Yeah, I was just thinking that it might be a really cool idea.
It would make it more accessible, but do only flash apps work with assembly only?
Basic Builder (BasicBuilder 3.0) will allow you to make apps for BASIC programs too.
*big long sigh* Yet another thing made for Windows only. Yay. Windows can go screw itself.
There are other softwares like rabbitsign, Spasm, and Brass
I think that making this program into an app would probably be worth doing. You could probably just upload the app version separately.
Now I just need to find the right software and where to download...
Why not run it through Wine? I'd be happy to do it for you if you want.
TIny_Hacker wrote:
Why not run it through Wine? I'd be happy to do it for you if you want.

If you would be able to sign it to a flash app for me, that would be awesome! I will totally put you in the credits! The program is in the archives, just click my username and find all my archive contributions.

If you can also mod the program or the app a bit so the ON key is disabled, that would be swell.

I never thought of asking... thanks!
I'll see what I can do.
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