What was the best completed project of April 2020?
Modeling Coronavirus in CE-C
 15%  [ 2 ]
Sudoku CE
 76%  [ 10 ]
Word Sort Game Series
 7%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 13

As usual, there were a lot of great projects in April 2020, perhaps because people suddenly found themselves with lots of time due to quarantines around the world. Be sure to vote in the poll for your favorite.
  • c++ raycaster: Jcsq6 started a new project, a raycaster in C++, as well as improving it by fixing a fisheye effect that was present in early versions of the program, and adding a circle indicating the center of the screen. Check out the project in the thread, and give Jcsq6 some support.
  • CE 2d Ball Physics Demo: Zaalane started work on a new physics engine, written in C for the TI-84 Plus CE. The demo already seems to function pretty well, handling gravity, inter-ball collisions as well as ball-wall collisions, all at a respectable framerate. The forum includes screenshots, so be sure to check them out and show Zaalane some support.
  • HailStorm CE: Epsilon5 continued work on his popular HailStorm CE project, this month completing a 2.0.0 release, which added bossfights, performance improvements, reworked bullet firing, a new ship, adjustable difficulty, and various bug fixes to the game. Be sure to check out the game and forum if you haven't already, and download it if you're looking for a cool new game for your calculator.
  • iPad 2 display panel as a monitor?: Sam started a new project, in which he'll attempt to build a small PC inside an old PowerBook shell, starting with attempting to replace the stock display with one from an iPad 2. Check out the thread if you haven't already, and see if Sam has made any new updates on this project.
  • irCE (IRC on a TI84+CE): Commandblockguy revived the irCE project, which uses a TI-84 Plus CE calculator to both display and send messages on IRC. This month, he used the new Nanotube networking library to improve and optimize the project, using an ethernet adapter. Check out the project, and go give commandblockguy some support.
  • Modeling Coronavirus in CE-C: EverydayCode wrote a new program in C for the Ce, modeling the spread of the novel coronavirus. Check out the video EverydayCode made about this project in the forum, as well as source code and a nice screenshot. As the precursor to the new Contagion CE project by the same author and epsilon5, be sure to check out Contagion CE as well if this project interests you.
  • Nanotube (lwIP-based networking stack for the CE): Commandblockguy started work on a new project for the CE, and new networking stack for the CE that works without any host computer, instead working only using the USB port and a USB ethernet adapter. This is also the project that powers commandblockguy's irCE update as well. The source code is available on Github through a link in the forum, so be sure to take a look at it and give commandblockguy some support in the thread.
  • STONKS: Investment Simulator for the TI-84: EverydayCode wrote a new program in TI-BASIC, an investment simulator that includes a live-updating graph, market crashes, and a high score section. There haven't been any updates for a while, so check out the thread and give EverydayCode some motivation to finish it.
  • Sudoku CE: Jeffitus completed a first release of his Sudoku CE project, a sudoku game for the CE featuring randomly-generated puzzles, the option to pencil in numbers, win checking, and a custom font. Give it a download if you're looking for a sudoku game on your CE, and give Jeffitus feedback in the thread if you haven't already.
  • Word Sort Game Series: RoccoLox Programs uploaded a new program written in TI-BASIC, where the player is tasked with rearranging scrambled letters into words of different lengths. There's many levels already in the game, and it looks to be worth the download if you're a TI-84 Plus CE/CSE owner who likes making anagrams.
  • Xenon Development Thread | ICE: Alvajoy123 resumed work on the Xenon shell project for the CE, this month slightly reworking the UI, and adding a new GUI for setting custom usernames and passwords. Be sure to check out the shell if you haven't already, and give Alvajoy123 some support.
That's all for April 2020, congratulations to everyone who worked on or finished projects this month, Stay tuned for May!
These are some awesome projects. Don't forget to vote everyone!
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