Ugh, I am sorry that I have to do this. I know, this question has been asked many, many, many times. (Probably the 9E99th time).

Is it possible to learn z80 assembly as of June 2020?

Yes of course it is. Just search the internet, "The internet literally has everything" my teacher once told me.

Well yes, but actually no because I've found countless resources for learning z80 assembly. But most of them are too confusing to understand, has errors, are too old, or has broken un-updated links/programs.

I firstly would like to thank Kerm Martian for his genius idea of making Cemetech, and yes I did see his announcement. I did look at the Assembly in 28 days guide, but I couldn't understand it. Yes, I know that I am climbing the ladder at an accelerated rate because Assembly is a very low level language, and the only language I know is Python and I'm not even proficient with Ti-BASIC yet.

Does anyone have any suggestions? And again, I apologize for asking this question which has been repeated 9E99 times.
The 28 days guide is certainly considered by most people to be the definitive guide. As far as I know, this is the most up to date version, as far as setting it up using newer software. I've found some small typos here and there, but for the most part it is accurate.

As you've said in the chat, you have a CE, which is slightly different, however I still highly recommend going through 28 days. For more information regarding the CE specifically, check out this repo, which has a lot of useful links and tutorials.

Also, don't be discouraged if assembly is difficult to understand for you; it certainly is harder to understand (for most people) than higher level languages Smile.
When I started learning assembly, I ran into much the same problem as you did: the lack and/or datedness of documentation and tutorials.

Like you I started with “Learn z80 ASM in 28 Days” as it was the most recommended manual for learning Z80 assembly. However, although the material contained in the manual is solid, its presentation was somewhat hard to grasp for a beginner like me who knew absolutely nothing about registers or bit masking.

I found another guide on called Hot Dog’s Ti-83+ Z80 ASM for the Absolute Beginner that gives a more diluted, more novice-friendly approach to the subject. As it states in the introduction, it is was written as an introductory course to Sean McLaughlin’s guide. I would highly recommend this guide as a starter.

I am in the process of editing “Learn z80 ASM in 28 Days”, but progress has been slow. You can view and/or download the latest version from my Github fork.

Finally, when you start to understand how registers and some of the assembly commands work, you should start writing your own assembly programs. There is nothing better than actually writing assembly code to make you more familiar with the language. You should start with small programs like “Hello, world” and similar ones. If you try to do too much too soon, you are likely to get frustrated like I did trying to debug your programs. Creating small programs will allow you to experiment and learn more about the commands and syntax.

I hope that this post has helped and wish you success on your journey to become an assembly programmer! Very Happy
Hi FuzzyPenguin,

Allright, I can understand you're overwhelmed. I can guarantee you that if you put effort in it, you will reach your goal.

If you're really determined, and have done your homework (reading the first fews days of "28 days" thoroughly, installed the software, tried out a few things, connected your calculator, etc...) I am willing to help you in real-time via an online session or something like that. We can use skype, or anything like that, and if you're able to share your screen I can give you a real online lesson. What about that?
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