is it still being developped? I saw the screens on the front page be4 the site went down and it looked really sweet!
i never saw the screens...... what is it?
Imagine Blockland, then imagine that it's a Doors CS BASIC program. That's Brix Builder. Cool
and Kerm needs to get this comleted along with reuploading the screen shots (any new ones if need be)
It's coming along smoothly, I oinly have about three or four more sections to complete before I can release a beta version.
yay, then I can play legos 24/7
Just posted the pix:
awesome... how long til its done? any timeline?
I'm hoping to get you guys a beta by perhaps Friday?
Sweetness! Good Idea
Good Idea Sweetness indeed. Of course, there are some limitations, namely the huge RAM needed and the snail's pace speed. But it's still pretty @#%$ing impressive gfx-wise! Smile
yeah, hope it turns out well. Can't wait till Friday. Kerm, try and make this deadline, because then I have a whole weekend to test this out and get the full feel. Plus, I can give it to my bro (who just got his first calc) to try also. I am 2 beta tester in one.

I have to go to my grandmothers house in the U P (Northern Michigan for you out of staters who have no idea what the U.P. is). i will have no internet acces, well if I do, it will probably be on dial-up in IE (quivers thinking about leaving cable and FireFox).
Laughing OK, I'll do my best. I may have found a bug in the rotate routines, but that's no biggie, I'll beta release it anyway.
ok, wil keep that in mind. My brother decided he doesn't want to beta test now.
is it entirely BASIC? no libs?

cuz if so, i will test on: 83,83+, and 84+SE
I trying it, regardless.
i am too...
It it's all in BASIC.
It's 100% TI-BASIC. No worries on that account. Smile
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