Hello all, I have decided to participate in CC23.
My entry's platform will be the TI-84+CE, and....... I'm writing my entire entry in BOS-BASIC! Very Happy
after much head-bashing-on-the-desk

Somewhat a debut, lol

This program will use BOS-BASIC's built-in terminal for text display, and user input.
I'm debating whether I should use mostly string-based input, or keypress-based input.

| Intro
| On a dark and cloudy night, the Friday 13th warrants fright.
| Tiptoe down the corridor, better be fast.
| Until the day, dismay; any movement could be your last...

It's gonna be a fully-featured console-text game; stay tuned...

Idea: 50%
Game: 0%
Code: 1%
Graphics: Not really applicable
Personally I think key-based input would be easier for a user. String-based input is really annoying on a calculator.

Good luck!
I love text games! The first few programs I ever wrote (in python, not TI-BASIC) were text games, and I love the feel that thy have. I'm really looking forward to seeing this entry completed Smile!
I kind of second Mateo's point (plus it would be easier to implement imo) ... but I do get the appeal of string input text games.

Very Happy
Don't mind the syntax error, probably my program lol
As I'm sure everyone can see, I have not been able to finish this project.
I need to focus on BOS-BASIC for now.
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