So I like coding and I would really like to be able to code games for my TI-84 Plus CE, but I have know idea where to start. So I thought to myself, "Hey, why don't I make a topic for coding noobs like me to get help from coding gods like KermMartian, _iPhoenix_, MateoConLechuga, e.t.c. So if you are a noob, post your questions. If you are a pro, please help us!

From doofusthecow, President of The UAOCCN (United Association Of Calculator Coding Noobs)
What if we provided a different section for TI-BASIC and Assembly programmers to ask their stuff, then went even further by letting users make an entirely new page for each question that they might have, while organizing them on another page as a list of topics?
Wait, why am I not listed as a coding God?! Razz
Anyways, you should probably link some useful pages in your post such as the Cemetech resources page, TIBasicDev, the ICE thread, and C programming.
I have a youtube channel, and my new series that I started a few weeks ago is "how to program on the ti-calculator". I have my first video for that series here:

I hope my video helps. And if if helps a lot, then pls sub to my channel.

Good luck with programming!

p.s. You posted this forum under "contests". Next time, scroll to the bottom of the post screen and select the topic necessary from the dropdown menu.
First of all, you posted this in the contest subforum.
Second of all, I really think it is a better idea for each user to post their own topic with their own questions, so that it doesn't just become a megathread where there are 15 different conversations being carried on at the same time.

Basically, what I'm saying is there are subforums relating to each language, and one topic for coding help would get very congested, I feel. That being said, it is perfectly fine if you want to make this a thread for your own personal questions (as long as you move it to the appropriate subforum).
I second what Jeffitus and Weregoose said, this topic is pointless. It tries to do what the rest of the Cemetech forum does much better.

I think this thread should be locked to avoid confusion.
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