Ok so I'm writing this on my birthday (I am totally getting the CX II CAS) Smile

So after looking at the page for the Nspire CX II, I didn't notice any release date. At this point, the CX II's page has been publicly available for a while. Since I speak English natively, I was on the US site and decided to, as I live in the EU, look at the French/Belgian site (they are the same). I noticed a few differences between the pages. The main difference, however, is that the French site mentions that the CX II will be "Disponible prochainement", meaning "Available Soon". This message is not visible at all on the US/English page.

Deciding to dig a little deeper, I found the page for the CX II-T's computer software. This was a true treasure trove with a message saying "Available April 2019" (translated). Very exciting! Now, this could just be the student software, but it's unlikely that the calculator will come long after the release of this software. Of course, the CX II will definitely have to release before the Back-to-School season, in time for purchase for the 2019/20 school year.

A final small difference I noticed was that the specifications section for the Nspire had an extra note in the French version, stating that "TI-Nspire CX II-T calculators are guaranteed for 3 years." (translated). I suppose that this is some form of warranty.

TL;DR: The French site for the newly announced TI Nspire CX II not only mentions that the calculator will be "Available Soon" but the page for the Student Software mentions that it will be released in April.

The following are some pictures of the French page:

This is also shown on the standalone page for the software:

We'll see whether that is confirmed in practice. The TI-Python Adapter, and software related to it, were supposed to become available on March 14th... and yet, those who bought those, from an official TI retailer, weeks before that, still have no software in their hands.
True. It wouldn't be TI if something didn't go wrong. Either way, we will definitely see it by July. Mid/Late August is when school starts and missing that would be horrible for them.
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