Silly I imagine, but does anyone know a source for replacement rubber dot feet pads for my -84+ CE?

I guess I lost one in the laundry Laughing and then another a few weeks later. Rolling Eyes

Any other reliable source for TI calculator parts?
Unfortunately, the CE hasn't been around for very long. I don't think there are any companies who have started making rubber feet for it. Your best bet would be to buy a broken one off ebay, but those are very expensive if you're only after the rubber feet, so you're pretty much stuck going without.

EDIT: I really like jcgter777's suggestion of using hot glue! Very Happy
If you have a hot glue gun, you can fill up those holes with a small dot of glue. Or, glue small pieces of rubber there.
I remember contacting TI about the same thing; I'd lost my pads from wear and tear at school. I don't have the email anymore, but I do recall that they said they sell them, but only by calling them and placing an order. I never got around to ordering them, but it's worth a try if you want them. Good luck!
Business opportunity++!
tr1p1ea wrote:
Business opportunity++!

Invest now! Make dollars! Maybe cents!
TI sells replacement feet on their epsstore

$1 per set. I ordered feet a while ago and I remember shipping costing a decent amount (maybe ~$5?) so what I did is order some other stuff (many sets of replacement feet so I never run out, some new faceplates, etc).

I didnít have to call them, you can just order on the site and ship it over
Yeah, I once ordered a replacement battery door and paid more in shipping than the item was worth. Wish I had thought of throwing in replacement rubber feet and stuff.
[quote="Travis"]... paid more in shipping than the item was worth ...

Do you recall what they were charging for shipping?
$5 even.
Thanks for the info. I guess $5 isn't terrible if you order a few things at once but a bit much for one small item.
Thank you guys, and girls... (I assume there are girls that like calculators, I see plenty in school)

Rubber foot (set of Cool (DOT product) Part number 84PLCE/RF/A from the site link posted by CubeBag.

I happened upon it by following a rabbit trail in search of the rechargeable battery for NspireCAS (non CX). Amazon had the battery for $12 prime and TI had the battery for $5.00

I am always trying to find where I had left the USB B to Mini A cord... so I grabbed one for $2 (the longer heavy one like that came with my 84+CE

SHIPPING: $5 for first $25 of product ~~ $6 for $26.00 to $75.00 product ~~ and $8 for >$76 to $125 ~~then $10 for >$125 to unknown next plateau.
It is not really horrible for 5 day ground service shipping....
Set of eight not ~ Cool
So, over the past few days, I have received my order in three separate deliveries.

I'm pretty sure that $5 didn't cover three shipments. I'm conservative, so I'd prefer that they just held everything and put it in one package, even though it was not my dime, I do not like waste.

I even got a bonus rubber foot dot found on the back of the wax paper transfer strip/
Cool. If it was a bunch of small items that they mailed in envelopes, maybe it was cheaper for them to do that than put it into one big box with a lot of packing material. Just guessing; I could be wrong.
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