Hello all,

I am brand new to the forum and also am brand new to the TI 84 Plus CE calculator. I've been having fun exploring the things that can be done. I've been writing little programs to help me with my math class and have a question.

I am trying to make it easier to simplify square roots. I know I can create a table to show me the factors of a number (Y1=120/x) and it will show a list of all the factors that make up 120. I would like to do 2 things to this table. 1) I would like to filter it to only show whole numbers and 2) I would like to add a Y2 column that will give the square root of the value in the Y1 column. I tried setting the Y2= to Sqrt(Y1) of the same table that I did the 120/x on but I got an error.

I have tried searching the web for how to do these but I haven't been able to find anything. That may mean it's not possible, but I figured I'd ask.

To set the table for Y2, use Y2=Sqrt(120/x) . I don’t know if you can filter a table result.
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