This is what almost every website look like in 2018.

Thanks Cemetech for not going that route.
I agree. We value your privacy on this website
xMarminq_ wrote:
I agree. We value your privacy on this website
They sure don't value our free time, though. (Unless you mean Cemetech 0x666)
None of the websites, apps, pc apps, linux app, online game, mmorpg games,electronic circuits i have made respect any convention at all and they will never be... even in far future!
A creator is free and must stay absolutely free to create good things.
SO accurate!
Yeah, I'm not too keen on this “every website is an app” thing. There are good uses for this, but that doesn't mean every website has to be ultra-dynamic and require strenuous mouse exercises just to read a page.

I like things a little old-fashioned. I'd like to find a webpage with good information and be able to sit down, relax, and read it like a book. And that means without having to wait fifteen minutes for bloated JS to render a few dozen bytes worth of text (and use 30GB of RAM in the process), constantly click to expand a collapsible section every five seconds just to continue reading, being interrupted by popups and “subscribe now!” begs before I'm even allowed to see what the a page is about in the first place, and the site trying to pointlessly hijack and reimplement basic browser functionality that already exists but do it wrong and incompetently, making the page unusable.

I don't subscribe to the idea that most sites need to be “dynamic” and flashy. I'd argue that a static, well-organized design is inherently much more usable in the vast majority of cases. Not to mention there's a lot less to go wrong when you're not relying on a million lines of dodgy, cobbled-together JavaScript code to do basic things that can be accomplished just as well without any client-side scripting at all (as opposed to simply using scripting to enhance those few strategic areas of the site that could actually benefit from it).
Yes, I too enjoy when websites are easily readable and do not tend to use way too much ram, as some of the websites do. I especially hate when the websites update their terms of service basically every time I go on the sites. I love that Cemetech is not like that, so thank you Kerm and other people who developed this site.
This is very true. I always hate it when random websites I don't even remember wants to know my location, or push notifications. It's like, I visit it once and they want to know everything from me? No way. I don't even allow Google to know my location Razz But one time... Cemetech will be like this Rolling Eyes well, no!
This is relevant:

From the pop-ups to the form and from the font to the bugs, it's just horrific and spooky.
Sorry if it's somewhat off topic, but that's a trend I'm quite scared by. I miss the good ol' sites that you can browse without being assaulted by pop up windows, notifications, chat windows or by unnecessary sliding animations (mainly because I have a rather slow PC and because these sites are insanely expensive to browse on a phone through mobile network), but I've been thinking about something.

There are lots of science fiction stories about connected smart glasses, about computer chips implanted in your brain, about everything being connected online, and even real life isn't short of cyberpunk elements like that (Self driving cars changing the real estate market! Now, if THAT isn't the future coming in...).

And I'm scared that we'll all have to wear such glasses or implants, or ride on self driving cars with automated screens, and that we'll constantly be assaulted by these insults to good taste and reader's comfort. Can you imagine that? A future in which you'll have nowhere to hide from the "Website wants to know your location", in which you'll look at a shop and have the "Hello, can I help you?" broadcasted straight into your brain, in which the notifications will assault you as you walk on the street... I like technology, but technology should learn that I want some personal space and time alone Laughing
I agree, I don't like unneeded use of JavaScript. Don't use JavaScript when you can do it using CSS + HTML.
I hate unneeded use of JS as well. Fortunately, all of the TI community's 5 main sites remain perfectly usable without JS Smile
Yeah, JS itself isn't bad per se. The issue comes in when web devs put way too much extraneous JS stuff in their sites.
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