So, this is a pretty big longshot but I figured I wouldn't lose anything asking. A while back I found a program that had an interactive display for my TI84. I can't remember for the life of me what the program was even used for, it could have been something as simple as a radical simplifier or the likes.

All I do know is, it had a prompt for 3 inputs around the middle of the screen and would display the answer on the top; it was interactive in that you could consistantly change input and receive a real-time answer, so it didn't use the basic prompt command. I wanted to see exactly how they achieved so I could tweak and use it as a base to create other programs with a real-time display, or at least see how they achieved it so I could learn the same baseline.
I don't know of the specific program you're talking about, but what you're describing can be (semi-)easily recreated by using the getKey command. You'll have to do more work to both turn the keypresses into numbers and display them on the screen, but you get far more flexibility with it compared to Input or Prompt.
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