Yep, another Wordle clone/variant, but this one entirely in CE BASIC, no xLib or assembly required. So, if you don't feel like jailbreaking your new calc or don't mind the rather ridiculous 53 kb memory footprint for the word list, use this version. If not, you'd probably prefer the other ones.


Archive download pending. Graphics suggestions are welcomed but probably not going to be implemented because BASIC.
Very nice! I guess someone should get going on a monochrome version then!
I like it! No dependencies required Smile.
Answer generation is finally done, and only takes a few seconds. After the first game, the generation gets hidden behind the Play Again screen, though it can still be noticeable. Word validation also takes up to a few seconds; both are proportional to the number of words which start with the first letter, which is a bit annoying about also the best way I could reason to store the data internally (lists ftw!)

I'll type up the source code in the next day or so.
Who'da thought sorting could be so powerful? The word lists have now been sorted to put potential answers near the top; this makes generation much faster, and guess verification a bit quicker too on account of answers being generally common words. A furthermore optimal sort that orders the non-answer words by frequency could be done as well, though I'd have to re-generate all the lists from scratch.
First release has been put on GitHub. I'm tempted to make this the definitive archives release as well, but some discussion the other day got me investigating speeding things up with 2-letter-prefixed lists. The speed increase should be significant actually, but the catch is your calc gets "polluted" with about 300 lists rather than 27, not to mention that those 300 all have their own header bytes.

I intend to pursue the 2-letter version regardless, but I'm unsure whether to make it the version people are putting on their calcs. Feedback would be appreciated.
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