Yesterday, someone on reddit asked if there was a way to display commas as a thousands separator. Adriweb suggested that I work on it after I finished my unit tool, but because of how much simpler it was I decided to do this first. So, I copy-pasted some of the code from my units program and added logic to insert commas into a number:

I also made a version of it that uses spaces instead, as well as one that uses the same notation that those Crazy Europeans use:

It took a bit longer than I thought it would since I had to fix a bug in capnhook first, but it's finished now, and you can see the source code on GitHub.
That's something that I never really seen asked for after all these years but is super handy!

You even looked after weird euro format Razz.

Nice work as always, really should be a standard on calcs from TI.
Awesome Very Happy
Also, as a European I'd use spaces not dots, that's just too confusing.... but yeah I've seen it >.>
On my screen it shows missing library USBDRVCE where do I find it
epicmitter wrote:
On my screen it shows missing library USBDRVCE where do I find it

Fixed now - it's not actually required, I think it was a bug with the linker. I've updated the GitHub release already; the Cemetech archives page should be updated soon. Just redownload it and the new version shouldn't complain about that anymore.
Not important but any possibility of specifying custom separator characters?
Nice work! I have seen this requested quite a few different times, so I suspect there will be a small but vocal subset of users who will be very happy this tool now exists.
This is a really sweet project. I've had people ask me for a program like this multiple times!

After trying to make a video on this project I discovered you have to run prgmCOMMAS three times after a reset to properly re-install the hook. Otherwise large numbers wont display properly, if at all. Perhaps the re-install instructions could be added to the readme?

Here I am trying to make a basic program to do this. But lo and behold the ASM gods have delivered.
Hey, I noticed something weird; I installed this on the 84 Plus CE Python I just got the other day, and when displaying values as output from a program, it double displays the answer. Seriously cool utility, though; this needs to be standard
What OS version do you have?
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