With the possibility of a world reset for 1.13 around the corner, I thought I would start working on a video montage of the current world. I want to start early so that I can give it time to render and still release it before 1.13.

If anyone has any builds that you want me to include, please let me know the coordinates, the name of the build (if any), and your in-game username.

Feel free to post as many as you like, I have a rather long song picked out Razz
My town, for sure. Perhaps starting the shot at the mansion which was built first and ending over at the mall which was built last! But you can do it however you think looks best.
The BM (including pixel art) and the BM spawner. I can't be bothered to find coords for either right now, but you know where the BM is and finding the BM spawner is trivial. Zeman's house is nearby (made of wood, has a few holes in the windows from my pranks), and I'll probably get some "friendship points" with him is I ask you to include it.

If you want, including my nearby floating islands would be cool.
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