Here's the first part of the development...

^^ That was made when I had no idea that I could put TI-BASIC stuff in the "My Projects" section Razz

What is it?
A TI-BASIC version of BonziCE, with some 'new' features mixed in. Yes, there will be ads, but moderated and relevant to me... MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Here's a quick to do/ done list:
**Take a look at the to-do, feel free to put your opinions below!**
**Re-prioritized some stuff**


Loading the program
Loading/ saving of vars (A-Z, θ)
Help screen with implemented commands and credits
Settings menu
Var setup (A-Z, θ)
Clearing the vars in-program
Eval of basic math, trig, etc
Create/ set up the save list

jokes (I have ~12 so far)
Saving/ loading of settings from the settings screen

Graphing functions (what types should I support?)

++ and -- routines (for extra credit Smile ) (Integrated, now with real-time var updating! Razz)
APD in program
Adjust contrast in program (via use of an asm prgm)

Operations counter


Draw the Bonzi monkey on-screen during loading of the program
Disable/Enable drawing of Bonzi monkey on the start screen during startup
Reset all settings to defaults feature
Uninstall (except for prgmBONZI) -- not documented in help screen

maybe the quit joke thing suggested by TLM (page 1 of my actual TI-BASIC thread, link at the top of this post, iirc)

Any thing else that you guys suggest and I deem to be doable
(I'll edit this as time goes on and provided that I don't forget about this)

I don't have any screens (yet), but I'll try to get a few, but they'll most likely be up around the end of May (that's when school ends for me). I'm also (fairly) close to a beta release, so wait for that (after May)!

and no, I won't be playing by Kerm's rules, particularly because I'll probably not be able to keep track of time well...

KermMartian wrote:
Unrelated: I should start playing by George R. R. Martin rules. Every time someone asks when Doors CE 9 will be released, I delay it by another week.

This also applies to other stuff too, as is said by "Kerm's rule" (congrats, Kerm, you made a famous theory rule Razz )

Feel free to post suggestions, etc here!
Made an IRC channel!

#BonziCE_TI_Dev for anyone interested in following the development *cough* TLM *cough*
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