If anyone here remembers Wal-Rush! for the Atari 2600, and wishes that there were a better version, you will soon get your wish!

(This is just a crappy 15fps gif; the real thing is 60fps.)

I'm starting work on a sequel that I call Wal-Rush! 2: Tick Tusk, because it has a huge emphasis on time. My plan is to have a timer that goes down as you play and kills you if it expires, but can be stopped or increased if you collect certain collectibles. This will be the key to playing for a long time and getting a high score.

I have not coded the functions of the objects yet, but I'll explain my plan for them. The air mine will explode on contact and take away your time. The fish will give you 10 points, and add a few seconds to the timer. The clock will give you 50 points and completely refill your timer. The hourglass will give you 100 points, and stop the timer from decreasing (or increasing!) for a while.

Also, the collectibles sometimes move in WAVES! I love this effect Very Happy

If you want a download of the program, ask and you shall receive. Same for the source code (in bAtari BASIC). Wink

New version! While still not complete, this is a (barely) playable version, until you game-over.

The bombs now make you spin around, and the hourglass powerup actually works! The hourglass will freeze your timer for a while, until the bar in the bottom right stops animating. (No, you cannot stack the effect with multiple hourglasses. Wink )

Download here, if anyone can try it out with Stella. Smile

I have added a lot since the last update. In fact, I think I added the whole game.


I'm pretty sure I've done all I want to with this game. At the suggestion of gameblabla, there's even a "2-player co-op" mode (switch the Left Difficulty switch to A, and then player 2 can mess with the obstacles Very Happy ).

Download here, if anyone wants to try it out with Stella. Smile
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