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I wrote this test link program, the idea is to have the calc that fist runs it to invevitably display 0, and the second to display 1.


   call linkConnect
   ld a, 0
   ld (curCol), a
   ld (curRow), a
   ld hl, (currentLine)

   in a, (0) ;Check if the other calc is waiting
   and 3
   cp 2
   jr z, _setCurrentLine1

   ld a, 0
   ld (currentLine), a

   ld a, 1 ;Pulling our line low
   out (0), a

   in a, (0) ;Waiting for both lines to be low
   and 3
   cp 0
   jr nz, _waitLoop

   jr _endLinkConnect
   ld a, 1
   ld (currentLine), a

   ld a, 2 ;Setting the line low
   out (0), a
   .db 0

After running it on one calc, when I attach the link cable (wabbitemu virtual link) the program ends and displays 0 (the calcs also freeze, but I think this is a problem with the emulator, because opening/closing the debugger fixes it). I've compared this with some other similar routines and I can't find the issue, anybody have any ideas?
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