Hexicity is a game for the TI-84+CE, similar to Sid Mieir's Civilization V, written in ICE compiler language. This will be a hexagonal tile-based civilization simulator, where you move your units (workers, military, settlers, etc.) around the generated landscape, and strive to conquer it.

At this point this is an idea in progress, I may or may not finish it.

- Save popup menu
TO-DO: (literally everything Laughing )
- Vector graphics sprites
- World generation
- Units:
- Settlers
- Workers
- Military
This sounds like a cool idea!
This would be awesome to play! I say, go for it!
Sounds cool, but I feel like a hexagonal tile based game would turn into many headaches simply because the sprite routines in ICE are square... Of course, there is transparency, which makes it easy to display, but you would need a few different sprites just for the tiles, and any movement would always be an awkward 2-component thing. Given that you are already a seasoned coder, I think you will have no problem pulling it off though, so I look forward to seeing how this turns out Smile
The math required to create a hexagonal grid actually isn't that bad, despite the seemingly high complexity.
Speaking from experience. I recently created a small demonstration of a hexagonal movement in TI-Basic and uploaded it to the archives It does not use the stuff below.

The main thing is to convert your hexagonal coordinates into rectangular coordinates, which is still extremely simple, but a bit more complicated.

Here is a site I found useful when approaching almostthe same problem:
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