Not sure why but when I compile assembly for z80 or ez80, the calculators will accept it but I am unable to select the programs. Also, the names of the programs will only be the first letter. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

Currently, I'm trying to use the assembly code found at

This is the code that compiles successfully but the calculator won't use:

#include ""

   .org UserMem-2
   .db tExtTok,tAsm84CeCmp
        .db 83h             ; Required for all hooks
        cp kAppsMenu        ; was Apps pressed?
        jr z,AppsKey
        cp kPrgm            ; was Prgm pressed?
        ret nz
        ld a,kAppsMenu      ; change key to kAppsMenu
        or a                ; set NZ condition
        ld a,kPrgm          ; change key to kPrgm
        or a                ; set NZ condition
What are you using to assemble? If it's code for the z80 and you are using an ez80, why would you expect it to work? That's not even a program; the code was meant to be placed in a hook. This isn't making much sense; you should really learn how to program in assembly before copying and pasting random snippets of code in places.
Counter-point: At least for me, copying and changing random snippets of code is a fast way to learn programming things, provided you can get the example to work in the first place.
However, hooks probably aren't the best place to start, as they can't be run as regular programs.
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