I would like to incorporate C library functions (especially Graphx) in ASM programs. Could someone point me in the right direction? I've tried to find posts on the subject, but no luck.

It would be great if I could find a list of the functions in the Graphx library with changes that they make to the ASM registers, and a way to call the functions from ASM.

Thanks for any info folks have time to share...
You might want to look here: https://github.com/PeterTillema/Age-Of-CEmpires-I/blob/master/aoce.asm#L38-L100
Don't rely on registers; C functions can change and whatever. The output is always A or HL, and the arguments are pushed on the stack. For example this: https://github.com/PeterTillema/Age-Of-CEmpires-I/blob/master/aoce.asm#L148-L150
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