Two weeks ago, Mojang released Minecraft 1.12, the so-called "World of Color Update". After waiting for Spigot's CraftBukkit clone and our relevant plugins to be updated, I'm happy to say that the server is now running version 1.12. If you enjoy playing our "Intellectual Survival" style, you now have access to more material options like Terra Cotta and Concrete, recipe and knowledge books, and the Illusioner and Parrot mobs. In addition, to celebrate the upgrade and give you a source for the new materials available, moderator Daniel "tifreak8x" Thorneycroft has opened a Mesa Mining World, accessible from spawn, for a limited one-week mining period.

Unfortunately, the upgrade was not without a hiccup or two. Specifically, we discovered that town, nation, and player balances appeared to have been cleared, and weren't able to intercede soon enough to prevent towns from falling. Our postmortem revealed that the problem was that iConomy Recreation, our economy plugin, uses a space in its plugin name in an important internal file, plugin.yml. Unfortunately, Spigot 1.12 now disallows this, so iConomy was not loaded, which we didn't notice. This made Essentials use its built-in file-based economy system, defaulting everyone to starting balances and currency ($0 for towns/nations, $30 for players) instead. The entire server has been restored to its state as of the morning of June 19th, so a few players who cashed in Lapis Ore and deposited it lost that, and all signs that were in towns that fell are no longer recorded as proper signshops. We have been actively working to restore the lost signshops. Because players were restored along with the world, there will be no discrepancies between inventories and town contents. Please privately contact any moderator or administrator if you think you've spotted an issue of some sort.

As always, we welcome you on to build cool structures and machines and engage with a lively, intelligent community of creative Minecrafters. Be sure to keep your eyes out for our many exciting special events as well!

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