Yesterday I decided to see how easy it was to make a forum with WiX. It was very easy. Here is the result:

Please tell me what you all think.

Some people encountered errors creating an account. Let me know if you have problems. Also, I would love to see some websites others have made!
Well, it looks really nice, and it seems it's very nice working, although I wonder what the purpose of this site is? Do you want to create another different calculator community or something like that? Razz
I think he was just really excited at how easy it was to use WiX. I generally don't trust template-based website hosts because they often times do not have a way to export your data, and because they like to throw their own banners and ads all over the place.
That's why I like Wikidot Razz Yes it is a (bit?) template-based, but it can be easily customized, and the syntax is easy for new users to pick up (In my opinion).
I have joined, and plan to be active.

It is very easy to set up, just use Google, Facebook, or twitter (I think).

Also, could you remove the ads, they are very annoying Smile.

Like one or two at the bottom is fine, but everywhere Razz
I'm not one to talk considering I made a new calc forum at a time the TI community was shrinking, but in order for a new calculator forum to be successful it needs to offer something unique. And IMHO Zetaboards or Invisionfree ( now zIFBoards) would be better if you absolutely want free hosting.

Not to discourage you but my suggestion would be to check with Cemetech and other sites what you think is missing that could be improved on Cemetech/elsewhere, rather than starting a new site just yet. Before starting CW I spent three years trying to get Omnimaga to improve some things, but then I had to go the same route as Mighty No 9/Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
I signed up Razz
To make my site show up on search engines, I need a much more original name. Any ideas?


(More coming)
I like it man!

Calcugramming sounds really neat
Switchblade wrote:
Also, I would love to see some websites others have made!

Okay, there you go!

This was supposed to be a website that turns off WiFi or whatever, to do your homework Razz
Wow, that is hilarious. I take it that you are Dutch?
Yep, I'm still Dutch since my birth Cool
My best friend is Dutch. Very Happy
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