Short and simple: Which Cemetech member has made the biggest influence on your life, besides yourself Evil or Very Mad?

For me, this is more then one person. In fact it's the whole communuty. I have developed and honed my skills as a programmer and problem solver, and learned a ton of things I never thought I needed to know. Thank you to everyone that has given me tips, helped me out, during the duration of the time I have been a Cemetech member. Only regrets: not signing up earlier Wink

Post your answer down below!
Pretty much everybody! Those members who are much more experienced than me have helped me countless times with programming. I actually never planned to program on an 83+. I came to Cemetech looking to solve a problem, but I found way more than I expected (in regards to programming). Thanks to all who have been super awesome in helping! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
This goes to PT_, Kerm, and CalcMeister. All of these people have been awesomely friendly and helpful to me! Well, everyone has been helpful and friendly, but PT_ has been an awesome friend and motivator to me! And Kerm is amazingly non-judgemental and helpful and he led the way for other members to support me when my life was going kinda bad, and he has helped deal with other craziness! And CalcMeister for being my HCWP homie and all around friend. There are other people too, but these are the ones that popped to the top of my head Smile
Like the others said, everybody has been a huge influence in my life. Due to the attitudes of the others on Cemetech, I feel like part of the community. Very Happy The two who have helped me the most with programming, though, are Mateo and PT_. Very Happy
It's great to hear that you guys find the entire community supportive and friendly. We aim to be a friendly place, a productive place, and a fun place, and it's always great to hear that people experience us that way. Even though I don't have the time to be actively participating in as many topics and creating my own projects as frequently as I once did, it's been great to see that our members have taken up that initiative and in turn trained and honed others to continue the same. I was just talking about that with some of our important friends at TI this weekend, actually. Smile
There are so many awesome people here, but the two biggest influences have been Mateo and Kerm. Mateo is awesome, and still puts up with all my dumb questions.Razz Kerm's book has really changed my life; it was what got me into programming in the first place.
I'll have to go with mr womp womp, who is a great addition to any conversation, Kerm, who wrote an amazing guide to calc programming, and Pieman7373, who is a good friend and makes HCWP worth it.

P.S. I won't be on HCWP for another month or so because my parents say I'm staying up too late. :/
There is not '1 single person who's made the biggest influence in my life'. I would say everyone is. I can't even list all the people I talk with, many people help me, I (try to) help a lot, so yeah, I would just say "the community has made the biggest influence in my life" Very Happy
Agreed. When making this thread, I could name at least ONE HUNDRED people (not all on Cemetech, but still) that have helped me become the programmer I am.
I'd say that allynfolksjr had the best impact on my life from Cemetech.
allynfolksjr wrote:
I'd say that allynfolksjr had the best impact on my life from Cemetech.
Impossible. It has to be Nikkybot.
Yes! Nikkybot has influenced so much of my personality that it is ridiculous! 😂😂😂
Agreed. But you all have been really helpful, and really inspiring.
You guys are all the best. *leaves*
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