Hi everyone!
I'm glad to propose you my very first 100% ARM assembly game : Puzzle15 (Ndless required)

I wrote and got it assembled using my raspberry pi 2 B+, then transfered it to my Ti-nspire CX CAS using Tilp.
I downloaded the pictures on unsplash.com (where images are completely free of usage).

(thx to Vogtinator for this capture via Firebird Wink )

During the game, you'll need these keys:

- [2], [8], [4] and [6] to move the blocks;
- [shift] to run the automatic animated mix ...(then any key to stop it);
- [esc] to leave the game and go back to operating system.
- [tab] to change of image. Here are the 15 images availables:

VoilĂ  ! Have fun !! Very Happy

Post scriptum : if you are curious, you can take a look at the source Wink
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