Ladies and Gentlemen,

As some of you may or may not know, the Daytona 500 is up and coming. To go with this, I figured it would be a fitting time to host a race on our very own track, which was modeled after Daytona International Speedway. Additionally, there has yet to be a real proper race there in my opinion, so fitting that the race that opens our track celebrates the race that starts off each NASCAR season.

My plan is for the race itself to be run on Saturday, February the 25 at 8PM Eastern Time. This will be a standard race in which all participants will be on the track at the same time, including any bumping and shoving that comes with it. As I know people will tire of a long race, I was figuring on having the race consist of 15 laps around the track. First to cross the line will be declared the winner. Racers may not bring any weapons on the track to try and stop other players.

To add to this, racers will be asked to make qualifying runs to determine the starting position on the track for when the green flag flies (or more accurately, when Hawthe flips the lever to drop the starting gate on the track). The fastest 2 times will start on the front, moving back from there. I will start taking qualifying laps start on Wednesday the 22nd and will stop shortly before race time. Just message me when I am in-game to make your runs. There will be no set time to make the runs. They will be done as time permits for myself and the racers.

Each race will be allowed to make 2 full laps for their qualifying run. Neither lap will be done from a standing start. Each racer will start in the pit area, make their way out and build up their speed. The first cross of the start/finish line starts lap 1, 2nd cross is the start of lap 2, and 3rd cross finishes your qualifying run. Only the better of the two laps will be used to determine the start position. The current pole sitter time will be posted in the track area and will be updated as qualifying proceeds.

The track is open for people to practice on when ever they would like. The only request that I make is during qualifying runs the track is kept clear to allow people to make the runs on a clean track. As the track area does once in a while spawn passive mobs, if you do find one, please make sure they are cleared from the area. If one is found during a qualifying run, we can reset the run to allow clean runs. If you are found to be bringing eggs to the track to spawn mobs though, you will be disqualified.

If there is enough interest by people, we can up the realism how qualifying is done in the real race by doing a race similar to the twin 125s. I would propose 2 races of 5 laps each. Only half the field would race at a time, then the finish position of each race would determine the final starting order (except the front row, which only qualifying times would dictate). Race 1 is the inside line and Race 2 is the outside. Again, there must be sufficient interest to make this happen. Should we do this, the twin races would start at 8PM instead of the main race, with the main race to immediately follow the twins.

I would also ask that racers bring items to contribute to a winners purse. There will be no set entrance fee for the race, but I do believe the winner should be able to walk away with some type of prize. To start off, I will be offering up some emerald blocks for the winners purse, with the potential of shulker shells as well. Amount will be determined for me based on number of racers participating. I will also offer up a small prize for the pole sitter as well.

I am looking forward to racing with everyone. Should there be enough interest, I would like to make this a fairly regular event to have, and to crown a potential champion at the end of the racing season.

Feel to reach out to me for any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns you may have regarding the boat races.

TL;DR, race on the 25th, 8PM. Arrange qualifying times with myself prior to race day. Semi-fabulous prizes available.
I am interested in participating in this. Sounds fun!
I haven't looked at the category before reading the post, and I assumed the race to be a real life event...
Imagine how it felt reading that players are not allowed to bring weapons... Very Happy
The sentence "As the track area does once in a while spawn passive mobs [...]" gave it away in the end.
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