Although the TI-84 Plus CE is now the nearly exclusive platform used by [e]z80 calculator programmers, the short-lived TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition revitalized the calculator community by introducing a color screen to the TI-84 Plus family. As an accomplished TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition programmer, it's only logical that Cemetech member 123outerme would have created his latest, greatest RPG for that platform. Since October 2015, 123outerme has been working on a new, turn-based RPG for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, called "Sorcery of Uvutu". This RPG is written in Hybrid BASIC, using DoorsCSE and xLIBC, and provides some fun hours of gameplay.

As an upgrade of his own game Dragonsglid, in which where you have to fight randomly spawning enemies and a hard boss, this program has some nice-looking graphics, tilemaps, sprites and much more interesting elements. Between the start of this project, and this past week, he posted a lot of nice development screenshots of maps, battles, loading/saving, dungeons, and last but not least, the unknown hero. Along the way, he had a team of dedicated private beta-testers who provided feedback and helped to uncover bugs. The only problem that might occur, is the memory error, as this RPG takes up a lot of RAM, but with the help of DoorsCSE, you should be able to run this program. We of course hope that with the (eventual) advent of Doors CE 9 on the TI-84 Plus CE, this game will be able to run as-is on the newest calculators. So what are you waiting for? Take up your arms, grab your calculator and get ready to fight!

Sorcery of Uvutu

Thank you so much for the news article! As the CSE is a dying platform, I appreciate the publicity this will generate Smile But I look forward to the day when people won't confuse this for a CE game, since it will be!

In the meantime, not promising anything, and you never heard this from me, but an Nspire and/or monochrome z80 port is being thought about as we speak. I'll know for sure when I start programming on those calculators (possibly as early as when I get it in tomorrow). Porting to the Nspire will probably require a remake of all of the code, but I can keep the map layouts; interestingly enough, the Nspire screen dimensions are that of the CSE and CE. The monochrome z80 remake is exactly the opposite: I'll have to remake all of the maps, but 90% of the code can stay (all of the code minus xLIBC or Celtic II CSE calls, which will be replaced with their monochrome counterparts).
Thanks, Kerm, for posting this on behalve of me, while I couldn't Wink
The RPG looks really nice, and I guess it will be one of the last games made for the CSE, outside of Pieman's CC18 entries. Good job! Smile
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