What is the best completed project of February 2018?
 11%  [ 1 ]
 0%  [ 0 ]
Turned Ti84 calculator into 3G mobile phone
 77%  [ 7 ]
[Web browser] Worldwide Combos
 11%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 9

So, we're almost there! This second month has been quite an active month, so let's no longer wait and see what awesome programs were made.
  • BasicNote CE Progress Thread: Michael2_3B announced this month that he has been developing BasicNote CE, an iteration of the monochrome BasicNote, an advanced note-taking program, written in pure TI-BASIC. It has some cool features to show off, so definitely check out this thread!
  • Clouttery - the smart, cross-platform battery monitor: gbl08ma has made some progress on his program called Clouttery, an advanced monitor to keep an eye on your phone battery usage. He removed some obstacles, threw away some bad PHP code and used a proper library instead. Visit this topic to encourage the author to finish this!
  • Connect 4 ICE Development thread (TI-84+ CE): SM84CE has started working on a new program in ICE, the popular game Connect 4. The screenshots are looking pretty nice and smooth, so give him some encouragement to finish this awesome game!
  • Entirely 3D-printable Model Rocket: Botboy3000 has started designing and putting together a 3D-printed rocket. This looks really promising, so check out this thread for more information and some nice pictures of his rocket.
  • Gateway to Legend: 123outerme has added bosses to his RPG "Gateway to Legend", which are entirely programmable, so you can just let it dance, attack and much more! He also posted a video showing off the new bosses, so go check it out really fast!
  • HD picture viewer [ICE] [TI-84 Plus CE]: TI-BASIC does a poor job displaying high quality images on the graphscreen, so that's why TheLastMillennial gave this a try in ICE, resulting in some fancy pictures being shown, using the full screen. This program looks promising, so check out the thread to encourage TheLastMillennial to finish this!
  • Mys: _iPhoenix_ has created a Javascript cracking example, where you have to figure out commands to get some output. The challenges are incredibly hard, so if you have enough patience, go try it out yourself!
  • N.E.U.P.L.: Another Javascript project by _iPhoenix_, this time showing off his own stack-based language, N.E.U.P.L.. It uses the stack to modify, insert and pop ASCII characters. Try it out!
  • Pi84--, BUILD your OWN Linux-powered TI-84+ calculator!: Tired of your slow calculator with its limits? Well, you are in luck, because Muessigb is busy with modding his TI-84+ that runs on Linux. This project looks pretty cool, showing off hardware modifications and more. Check the thread for more information!
  • TI-Boy CE Progress Thread: calc84maniac has posted another dazzling video, showing Galaga on the Ti-84+CE. He's doing really great job of working on TI-Boy CE, adding new features like display scaling, save states and turbo mode, so check this thread and show your support!
  • TriCards - A Triple Triad clone: Iambian has started another game, a recreation of Triple Cards, called TriCards. The screenshot looks pretty cool, so encourage the author to finish this project!
  • Turned Ti84 calculator into 3G mobile phone: BoomBrush has turned his TI-84+ calculator into a 3G mobile phone, using an Arduino, the ArTICL library and some more hardware. This projects looks really amazing, so if you ever want to call someone with your calculator, get your hands ready and try it out!
  • Wal-Rush! 2 - Tick Tusk: JWinslow23 has been working on a better version of Wal-Rush. This game features a flying walrus and you have to collect collectibles in order to live longer. Check it out!
  • [Web browser] Worldwide Combos: noelthebest has released another update to his website Worldwide Combos, a website where you can play Tetris against each other and compete in tournaments. The changelog looks promising, so try it out yourself. Can you beat noelnadal?

That's it! Visit the topics, encourage the authors to finish projects and vote for your best program of this month!
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