Do points guve you something?
timedia wrote:
Do points guve you something?

P_T wrote:
timedia: yes, points
I just upgraded my PC from Ubuntu 17.10 (very laggy) to windows 10 Razz
Awesome game. Rainbow Road and the other level editor packs are also a great addition to the mix. Smile
I use two Koopas for the infinite points glitch for maximum accumulation. Laughing
Hehe, I found an infinite one-ups glitch a long time ago, but I don't think I'm going to post it here. Very Happy
(now people don't know if I really found a way or I'm just trying to attract attention)
I did find a way
Im going to buy a CE just because of this.
Could you please fix the glitch where when you enter a red pipe as starman you become invincible for all future levels? There are a few 'speed runners' who are utilizing this glitch and it bugs me. Razz
Does anyone want me to make levels again? Or if anyone wants assistance with any? I'd be glad to help. Just respond here and then email me your files at
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