can anyone help w/source code for symbolic manipulation? i've done a little with TI-BASIC on my current 84+CE but the task gets complicated quickly. i have no access to a computer or other devices.
many thanks! JAMR
Assuming I know what you're talking about, I don't think you can do that with Basic. You would have to create an assembly program using hexadecimal to code it. Sad Also please don't create a new topic for every question you have if it's within the same day. It just clutters up the forums. Just create one topic called 'JAMRs questions' (or something like that) Your posts are kind of unusual questions. What are you planning to do if you finally get all this information? Confused
my friend, JAMR, is incarcerated and has no access to a computer or any other electronic devices besides the TI-84+CE so i'm his go-between in obtaining operational knowledge... he sends me his questions and i post them on this forum. i'm not computer-savvy so i'm not aware of the protocol for posting Qs so we thank everyone for their answers/advice.

the purpose of his Qs is to add features that make the 84+CE comparable to the TI-89 or the HP-Prive re math functionality.

JAMR's self-taught in everything and this graphing calculator is keeping him sane. in the future i'll use your suggested "JAMAR's Questions."
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