OMG! I swear I just saw Kerm's clone at my Orchestra concert.
Harq wrote:
OMG! I swear I just saw Kerm's clone at my Orchestra concert.
Huh? You mean JPez? Just Joking Seriously though, why was he my clone?
Just a sec, let me go dig up the Candid Photo topic to double check...

Wait... are you saying that you are HIS clone? ZOMG! Just Joking

He is (almost) your clone! His first name is Christopher to o.O , but his last name is different.

I did some searching and here is a pic, it is from the knowledge bowl apparently. 2'nd guy from left, smile is wierd, but otherwise Shock lol.

P.S. could you move this section of posts to off topic?
Huh, how strange. He does look a bit like me...
I'm going to have to disagree and say that that guy does not look like Kerm at all.
Yes! You finally took my term! Very Happy Yeah, I too didn't think that person looked a tpn like me...
Oh comeon! they do look alike (atleast a bit!) Let me go make a comparison image...

Ok, here is the image, the left cut out i got from the knowledge bowl pic above, the right cut out I dug out from the Candid Photo topic (bad sizes, but oh well.)

because of the spot lights the left image looks really wierd, but oh well.
No, they really do not look alike.
lets hear some other people's opinions
I think under other lighting conditions they would not look alike. All those guys with glasses look alike to me anyway. Laughing
lol, i guess.
Here, this is a better (and two years more recent) picture:
OK you look almost NOTHING alike, nevermind.
...and what a wonderful picture it is. Laughing

Edit: Locking this topic for stupidity.
Actually, I'd merge it into Candids, but phpBB has no merge support. Sad
yeah, that sucks, may I ask why you were in a cabinet?
rivereye wrote:
yeah, that sucks, may I ask why you were in a cabinet?
Because I was provong that I could fit (barely). Very Happy
ok, that explains a little. Is that your appartment by any chance?
Indeed, that's above the fridge. The closet is about 3' high, 4' wide, and 2' deep. Smile
lol, who took the pic? And did you win any money??

(You know, this is fun, having all the normal members be able to watch a conversation without them being able to participate... Smile )
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