A few days ago, I was browsing through some files on my computer, and I found a folder on my desktop called "SudokuAxe". I've already made a Sudoku game in Axe, so I was about to delete it...until I compiled it on my calculator again.
Apparently, quite some time ago (probably summer of 2016, can't remember exactly when), I made another full-fledged Sudoku game, complete with support for up to 10 level packs, and a fully-featured Sudoku level pack editor. I can't even remember exactly how I did all that, but I did.
So, I polished it up, and now I am ready to finally release it.

Long story short,
I accidentally made the best Sudoku game out there for the TI-8X+ series.
(that may or may not be an overexaggeration)

Introducing Puzzler's Sudoku!
This is a fun-filled Sudoku game for the TI-8X+ series, with 100 levels that come standard, and a random puzzle generator so the fun never stops!

How to play
At the menu, you can choose to play a level pack, or jump right into the fun by selecting "Random Puzzle".
If you select "Level Packs", you can choose from up to 9 custom level packs on your calculator, or choose the default pack "SudokuPk". Then, choose a level, and you can get to playing!

Use the ARROW KEYS to move your cursor, and use the number pad to place a number in that square. 0 or DEL erases a number.
Use ALPHA to change between pen mode and pencilmark mode.
"Pen mode" is the default mode; it allows you to place a number in a square.
"Pencilmark mode" allows you to enter candidates for the square in small numbers, allowing you to keep track of what square can be what numbers. The number pad toggles each number.

Gameplay continues until you win! If you wanna quit early, though, press CLEAR to exit.

UPDATE: Fixed random puzzle generation
Download SUDOKUJW.8xp and SudokuPk.8xv to start playing! If you want to make/edit level packs, also download SEDIT.8xp.
Okay, this looks pretty freaking awesome! Very Happy
Pieman7373 wrote:
Okay, this looks pretty freaking awesome! Very Happy

Thanks! Would you know enough about Sudoku to play it well? Wink

I got Puzzler's Sudoku accepted into the Cemetech archives!
That's a nice game. I love this game. Well done
I don't even have any calculators from the TI-8X+ series but that sure looks like a sick game. I wish it was for the TI-84 Plus CE.
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