Hey there, Minecrafters!
Today was the second day of Minecon and some awesome new updates and features were revealed. Here is a video of YouTuber Xisumavoid giving the highlights of the new goodies in store. Also, the snapshot for 1.11 will be released on Wednesday September 28th. Enjoy the video and comment on what your thoughts are on the upcoming update Smile

Shulker box is <3 for sure. As is that observer block. I'm really eager to go into a mansion, perhaps get my butt kicked :p Looks like something far more evil than even Elemental had been able to cook up :p
Wow, very cool, thanks for sharing. The shoulder box looks like a perfect non-ender chest solution for a "backpack", and I'm dying to know if you can nest them, since they store their contents even when destroyed. For the observers, it seems to me you can make a legitimate fast clock with four of those.
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