Link to the html hosted version that is updated occasionally
So, I'm writing a story, and I'm looking for feedback. Anything constructive/grammar/spelling is welcome.
I have no set release date for updating chapters, only that they will be done when I have time, which is very rare and rationed heavily.
Link to the 'Nightly Build' State Here
I like it so far, keep it up!

Out of curiosity, will the other social classes mentioned have a role?
Chapter 4 done, but I'm probably going to extend the ending.
Chapter 5 kinda done
I think that I'm just going to get all the stories I want written down, and then elaborate later.
Got a domain working for the website!
Just renaming the topic to match the new title: Unlocked
Just confirming that I'm still writing this. Mostly just a few edits to previous chapters right now, and chapter 6 is still stuck in the middle.
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