So I have noticed in Doors CS 7, 16x16 hex icons are made of hex, each character represents 4 pixels converted from binary to a single hex character. I also noticed that if you use a token instead of hex, it can represent 4 to 8 pixels. For example, AUTO Answer (AUTO) is equal to 8B (10001011). Can I use tokens instead of hex? I know it may be pointless if I do, because it'd probably be the same file size, but you know, curiousity.
I believe DCS7 reads the contents of the string as hex, so you won't be able to use other tokens regardless of what the "value" of that token actually is. It is possible to use base conversions to translate the hexadecimal into a higher base, e.g. base 128, which is represented using other tokens, and then convert that back to base 16 for DCS7 to use. The benefit of this may be lessened by a notable decrease in speed from decoding the base 128 string and the required initial investment in storage space for the 128 character "alphabet."
I had a nice discussion with Jonbush and Kerm about something like this yesterday, here is what it boils down to. It might have been a good idea to use a higher base such as 128, allowing for more data to be stored in less bytes. For example if base 256 were used like in tr1p1ea's xlibc color palette, while still remaining with only 16 colors, then in theory, each token could represent 2 pixels, halving the size of all icons. This is also true of monochrome icons, in that case, one byte could represent 8 pixels, once again halving the size of all icons (Since a byte already represents 4 pixels in Dcs7). However this comes at a price, this would indeed require some strange one byte tokens (not just arabic numbers and the alphabet) which would make it awfully hard (nearly impossible) for users to modify an image manually using only the string of data. Also, Kerm mentioned there would probably be an issue with using the non existent tokens, which include the byte that introduces 2 byte tokens in tibasic. This being said, it would still be technically possible to use a base higher than 16 yet smaller than 256 to save some space, especially for the color calcs, on which a 16x16 icon takes 256 bytes but whatevs. Razz
I used Connected and q for my icon on SysTools 4 but the rest is hex Very Happy
I tried creating a Doors CSE icon with random tokens and all I could get were the normal 2x2 pixels using the TI-BASIC color palette.

I was surprised that at least teal was not available, considering CE Textlib can display it fine Razz
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