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Surprise! The Project Builder (but also TI-Planet's archives) now embeds a much improved version of WebCEmu, based on current developments (lots of nice work from Jacobly and Mateo, regarding LCD / SPI / DMA etc.)

The interaction with the browser (especially for the display of the screen, but also the emulation infinite loop) is now written in such a way that there is no need for threading anymore, which simplifies a lot of things, and allows not to encounter weird behaviour (slowness in particular) in recent Chrome versions for example, with these APIs JS being a little too new ... And consequently, the speed of emulation is also closer to the real thing.

In addition, WebCEmu is now built in WebAssembly format, which makes it both faster and smaller Smile
Since this has been requested recently, I added a .webm screen-recording feature, so that you can now video-capture in addition to png-image capture Smile

You can post such webm on some forums, or host it on gfycat for instance (which provides gif conversion etc.)...
Here's a summary of the Project Builder's changes since the last post Smile

  • Migrated on the new TI-Planet server correctly Razz
  • Fixed the annoying issue where clicking on the the "Download 8xp" button (same for .hex) would replace the current page with a full screen build error log if there was no successful previous build and the current code doesn't build. It's not correctly spawning a PB notification and putting the build log in the console area below the editor.
  • Cleaned up some paths showing up in the build console that made reading uselessly more difficult
  • Updated dependencies (most notably, CodeMirror)
  • Code cleanup and minor improvements
  • Updated C template code
  • Built-in WebCEmu core up to date with the latest master revision from github
  • Built-in WebCEmu WASM module built with an up to date emscripten too
  • Built-in WebCEmu keypad is now transparent... with the background being captures of (linux) CEmu keypads!
    • Automatically chooses the skin according to the CE model (84+CE vs 83PCE)
    • If needed, automatically scales down to 70% in order to adapt to Mateo's smaller laptop screens
    • Looks like this:

Hopefully very soon I'll do the toolchain update from a custom v7.5-with-backports to the greatest and latest github release Smile
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