In its first member contest ever, Cemetech will be hosting a one-month competition to create a functional Sudoku program in TI-BASIC. You can make a program beginning today, June 1, 2006, and it must be emailed in a compressed .zip file to by 11:59PM EST on June 30, 2006. Acceptable calculator models are the 83/+/SE/84+/SE line and the 89/92/92+ line, but the program must be in BASIC. The contest is fairly general; as long as you have a functional program related to Sudoku that generates puzzles, allows gameplay, solves puzzles, or combines any of these is acceptable. Be sure to include a readme.txt file explaining controls and gameplay in the zip file. You may submit multiple entries, but only the latest zip received from each person will be accepted into the contest. Our moderator Rivereye will be overseeing and judging the contest; Kerm Martian will also be judging. Neither will enter the contest, but all others are welcome to participate. Good luck!
Yay Laughing , Now i have a good reason to rewrite my original Sudoku generator!

Is there a judging criteria?
Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

ok, do ones based on others code but added to and modified count
No, it must be completely original. Also, no libs (xlib, etc) may be used.
I'm going to try to make a puzzle generator. I think making a full Sudoku game will be too complicated for me. You didn't mention a reward. Since it's a member contest, does it mean the reward is membership to site, BASIC Elite membership, or is the reward a surprise?
not sure, Kerm, we should discuss this a little more
I am going to have to muse this over... I cannot use the same method as my c++ version (it takes almost a milisecond to do a row, on the calc a row could take about 30-60 seconds), so it will have to use a more structured method... First i am going to make a program to actually play Sudoku games.
Also, do not try and make any distinguishing marks on these programs so I can tell who you are when running them (I am going to throw them on my calc, and try to be as unbaised as possible when doing this).
I will be sure not to do that. Also, i think we discussed possible prizes in the last Sudoku contest thread (i think one was make your name appear in blue).
Yeah, I'll have to talk to Rivereye about prizes.
Clarification: If I submit a program for generating and a separate program for solving in the same ZIP file, does that count as a single entry?
I have the same question, i am doing a generator, possibly a solver, and I am almost done with the game Wink .
each zip is an entry. Please be 100% clear with your directions, as I will be following them.

Also, I would like the source code to all programs (either from SC or Graphlink) that are being used.
How much do you think you would take off for 2 different lable/goto commands? My player is already bloated (4000 bytes Shock ) so i am just trying to save some space and optimize it Razz .
Using Lbl/Goto is NOT optimizing... Could you maybe use a sub routine instead?
The alternative to the label/goto command is ALSO not optimizing... Actually, i have a better idea than another loop...

And I didn't mean to sound mean in my last post. I just have a hatred for Lbl/Goto
So do I, i h8 seeing people use goto commands to exit out of a LOOP! Its insulting to see such bad coding Mad ! On a different subject, i think i made my menu too big, i could actually cut off about 1500-2000 bytes by just using the menu command, but i like my current menu (it's a pretty nice custom one Wink ).
Yeah, that's one of the worst things about calc programming. In comp languages you don't need to worry about size. In calc programs you sometimes have to cut nice features or people won't install it.
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