MateoConLechuga wrote:
Nice work 123outerme! Glad to see all of your long work has reached this point Smile I'll have to give this a whirl.

Thanks Mateo! I'm glad to have not given up and pushed through to release. And when you have time, giving the game a whirl would be much appreciated Smile
Spontaneously, out of nowhere (yes that phrase is redundant), I've decided to fix a few minor issues detailed below. Now magically appears a changelog:
►Changelog v1.1
*Made saving a little faster (the downtime at the end, when the bar is full, is a lot shorter now)
*Tweaked the health of the final boss (+40 health, specifically)
*Fixed issue with pressing New Game, and it automatically selects Yes, Delete Save when holding 2nd

I've just sent the update to the Cemetech Archives.
Well, since I had several suggestions and I decided I had nothing to do today, I've uploaded v1.2 with 99% aesthetic changes.
►Changelog v1.2
*Added color invert to some magic attacks and one physical attack
*Added more flair to intro and outro text walls
*Changed game ending to Save + Continuing, not Save + Quitting
*Removed requirement for SOUVUTUS to be in RAM; this protects against RAM clears, and makes it easier to install
*Added chair sprites to every house to make it more lively and less plain
*Slightly changed some sprites
*Behind-the-scenes work to give the user more of a "RAM buffer"; users need slightly less RAM in order to run and not crash the game
I've uploaded it to the Cemetech Archives.
Here's a screenshot:
Recently, I've started work on a port of Sorcery of Uvutu to the monochrome z80 calculators. I'm using xLIB (monochrome) in place of xLIBC and have already started work on the black and white spritesheet and some porting of the main engine. String data, non-DCSE specific commands, and general ideas I've used can all stay, yet they'll probably all have to be changed in one way or another. Map data, some tricks using color (screen inversion, intro text fade-in, probably screen shaking, etc.) and other CSE specific things will all have to be entirely reworked for this port. I don't have any screenshots yet, as I'm still working on sprites and the like, but that will come soon.

As for my vision, I expect the monochrome version to likely run faster, due to the CSE's speed limitations being removed here. Also, as each overworld map will be colorless and the screen size will have to make each map smaller, I can only do so much in each, and battles will probably have to be more frequent per map. Think of it this way: In Sorcery CSE, battles would occur at a minimum, every 11 steps. For the CSE, 11 steps was enough to traverse half of most maps, making battles occur 1-2 times per map. This played a huge part in the balance I did for exp/money gain, HP, etc. Now, 11 steps will probably be enough to traverse 1.5 typical maps, meaning by the time you reach a boss in a world, you'd likely be underleveled without serious grinding. I'm looking to reduce that number to every 5-6 steps, which will mean technically more encounters, but encounters per map screen will likely stay the same.

Here's a tileset/overworld test. I added functionality to move diagonally, since it was available with Doors CS 7. The game figures out which tile to redraw after moving on-the-fly, as seen when I walk over the door. I have more tiles for more worlds, and I'll be testing them too, but here's just a basic map. You can also see the collision with the tree (not letting you move, no matter how you approach it) and the house window.

Edit: Sorry for the photobucket Razz )
Showing off all of the features I've done so far. Here, you actually see maps changing like it does in the CSE version of SoU (although I clear the screen here for a little more clarity of what's going on, which I may transition over to the CSE version as well), handling 2nd keypresses properly (does nothing unless you're talking to an NPC (who right now is invisible Razz ), starting battles (although like when I tested it for CSE, it is binded to PRGM for testing purposes, no random encounters as of yet, although that'll be pretty easy), and opening the overworld menu (in this version, the screen will scroll down, painting the screen black, and then clear to display the actual menu). In this version I will have to cover up more of the screen to display enough text, but that probably won't end up being an "issue" (aka something that annoys me), and will most likely have to reduce inventory space (aka the items menu) due to the screen obviously being smaller.
That looks awesome! Keep up the good work! Very Happy
Switchblade wrote:
That looks awesome! Keep up the good work! Very Happy

Thank you! I really like how this version is coming along; already it feels familiar.

There is a line just below your character to tell you where the ground it, so let me know if it looks good. I've also changed most of the code so that text, sprites, etc. don't update the screen until the last one is reached. I think it looks a lot better. This means that now stuff like text, character redraw, etc. are all instantaneous (for the most part, you don't see character blinking or text drawing one line at a time). I've also done more work on the battle menu and added the ability for NPCs to say stuff, like in the original! In xLIB (vs in xLIBC), I can draw about 26 characters per line of text vs 20, but still 5 lines for each, although the xLIB text fits in the box better. Here's a screenshot of this stuff in action:

I'm really looking forward to this... I don't have a CSE, so I wasn't able to try the CSE version. Smile
It seems really fast - great job! The rpg's I have started with xlib are a lot slower.
Switchblade wrote:
I'm really looking forward to this... I don't have a CSE, so I wasn't able to try the CSE version. Smile
It seems really fast - great job! The rpg's I have started with xlib are a lot slower.

That's mostly the reason I started porting this to monochrome models: most people either have a monochrome calculator or a CE; comparatively few have a CSE anymore. I'm glad to be bringing this experience to as many people as I can!

This is the newest screenshot! I finished the menu screen (except for the items screen; I don't really have the save file save file set up, so I can read from to find the items. I imagine it'd be fairly easy, though). I like the way it looks personally, and I hope everyone else does too. I tried to keep the style and layout as close to the menu screen in Sorcery CSE. I really had an itch to add some other stuff, but I don't think I will (unless I decide to add it to the CSE version, but I don't know if I even have the space for that Razz ). The Save and Continue / Save and Quit options don't work, but once this code is imported into the main program (or more correctly, once I import the rest of the main program into this), it should work correctly.

This is my progress so far! Battles are nearly complete (just have to have the Exp code, the leveling up, etc.), The main menu is finalized (the code is all set up so that I can go in and add creating a new save file, loading from the save file, etc.), and the Overworld menu is still 90% complete (still, I don't have the save file, so I can't really read from that to get any items). The last things I have to add are boss encounters, chest pickups, save file code, and the entire 8 worlds. I hope I'll be able to learn some language so that I can write a program to make maps from the computer. I can't use Tokens, because the data is stored as a matrix, not as a hex string. Otherwise, creating new maps will likely be extremely tedious, so I think if I can't figure that out, I'll probably recruit other people to help me with maps.
(Yes, I know this is a lot of screenshots Razz but when I'm developing maps, without spoiling anything, there isn't much to post about Razz)
Man, you're working fast! Great job.
Switchblade wrote:
Man, you're working fast! Great job.

Thanks! By this time when I worked on the CSE version, I didn't have any game balance, didn't have any ideas for maps, etc., but the engine was at the same place. I am much farther along in terms of game design, which should hopefully get this game out faster than the last iteration! Razz

Also, a change concerning CSE users and soon-to-be 84+ users: I've added the ability to auto-Archive and de-Archive your save file, to protect it against RAM clears! The procedure to set this up is explained in the readme, but for anyone browsing I'll explain it here. As of V1.3, Pressing and holding the STO> button (right above ON) while the saving screen is up (aka the saving bar is filling) will bring you to a menu asking if you want to auto-archive your save file. To auto-archive, select YES in the menu. To de-activate it or to not activate it in the first place, select NO in the menu. Here is a screenshot of this:


New screenshot! (Yes, I know the path leads into the right house's window, I will fix that Razz)
I made some huge leaps, such as fully implementing all main menu features, adding save file support, making things not hardcoded anymore, and more changes. Most engine stuff like random battles (not shown here), NPC conversations, etc. are complete! Still not the items menu, I didn't have time to write that tonight, but I'll get to work on it soon.
Update: No release for monochrome quite yet (I have a bit more to do with the engine, then I'll create all the content), unfortunately. However, I've released v1.3, which has some pretty important fixes and noteworthy changes (like the save archiving). I just sent out v1.3 to the archives, so if you would like to download that, please see the original post when it's uploaded! Changelog this time is in the .zip, you'll see it.
Update: here's some screenshots of various things:

The item chest test. Chests display and are picked up properly. The entire thing is faster than the CSE version thanks to det(1,__).

The boss fight test. Bosses display and are handled properly, including pre-fight quip, battle trigger, and dropping the proper teleport stone. Also shown is the teleport stone functionality, which also functions as it did in the CSE version. If I had implemented World 2 maps, I could've teleported there instead of back to the World 1 town, but like I said, everything is implemented.
Looking great, man. Can't wait to try it out! Very Happy
Switchblade wrote:
Looking great, man. Can't wait to try it out! Very Happy

I hope that it won't be too long away until you can, for my sake and for yours.

White main tiles w/ black details

Black main tiles w/ white details
Here are new screenshots showing World 2, Dragon's Den. It has yet to have any other maps other than the town map (hence why I didn't show them), but teleporting to World 2 functions correctly. I'm experiencing a weird issue, though. The lava tile (unwalkable tile)'s ID is 13 (as in the 14th sprite, left to right, carriage returning at 12 sprites. Alternatively, the 2nd sprite row down, 2nd column), and using my ID -> x/y offset algorithm (necessary to do for tile drawing functions like real(1...) ), I get garbage data displayed when drawn with real(1...), but not when drawn as a tilemap. Does anyone know why, or how to fix this? Just as a disclaimer, I haven't tried it with hard-coded values to display the 13th sprite, although realistically there shouldn't be any difference between my algorithm and the hard-coded values, and their outputs.
Here's my algorithms:


12fPart(T/12)+.0001(fPart(T/12)=1/3)   // x offset, in number of tiles, from the top-left sprite (origin)
//The "+.0001..." part is to fix rounding issues with my algorithm, so if the tile is in the 4th column, it'll actually display using this
//If you're wondering, this isn't the problem with my 13th tile issue. This doesn't trigger as fPart(13/12) = 1/12, and not 4/12.
8int(T/12)   // y offset, in number of pixels, from the top-left sprite (origin)
//T is the inputted tile ID. For the issue that I'm having, T is 13.
I am totally out of steam for this project. All I pretty much have left to do is port maps (and place stuff like chests or bosses in the maps), and a message to my past self: "If you thought CSE maps were boring and draining to make, try this." I know a lot of people are excited to see Sorcery ported to monochrome, and so I ask, will you help me port these maps? If you wish to sign up, just join my Discord server. If you can help me make 1 map or 100 maps, I'd be grateful for any support. Once enough people join, I'll divide up maps that people can make to help, and send out all necessary documents, including the CSE map .PNG(s) you'd help port for, the monochrome map maker program, and any other additional information required (chest/boss placement, houses, etc.).
Discord user Bagels (if you are on this site as another name, let me know so I can properly credit you in both my credits and in this post) helped me create the first set of maps not by me today! He actually sent them last night in my time zone, but I imported them and got them into the program. I have had a pretty massive break so I should be able to grind out more maps, but with all of your help, I can get this done a lot, lot faster!
What do I need to know or have to help you? I don't have much free time, but I would still love to help.
Switchblade wrote:
What do I need to know or have to help you? I don't have much free time, but I would still love to help.

Just a way to view the PNGs I sent, a monochrome calculator (or emulator of a mono calc) and enough free time.
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