Starfox Assault Review

I recently rented the GCN-exclusive Starfox Assault, by Namco.
The game begins in a large space-battle, the Starfox Team is asked to take down the last of Andross's forces. The 1st mission is obviously the best, with hoards of enemies coming from all angles. After making you way through the enemy armada, Andrew Oikonny, Andross's nephew, escapes down to a nearby planet's surface. On the planet, you chase Oikonny, and take him down. Out of nowhere, a large insect-like being, known as an Aparoid attacks from above. When defeated, it drops a core-memory cell. Fox retrieves it, but just before more attack. The core was damaged, they will have to find another for vital information about the aparoids.
The team receives a distress signal from Katina, which turns out to be a trap. After defeating the aparoids, Pigma, known from SF64, steals the core-memory they leave behind. They assume Pigma is at a space-hideout. They meet Starwolf there. After defeating him, they give the location of Pigma, on a planet known as Fichita.
Fichita is climate-controlled by a control station. Pigma has disrupted the station, and shielded it. After infiltrating the station, fox is attacked by sentry robots. He hitches a ride on Falco's wing and takes down the surrounding baddies.
Krystal, a member of the team, know from Starfox Adventures, receives a distress signal from Sauria, the planet of location from Starfox Adventures. After saving Sauria, the team tracks down Pigma, who has then been transformed into an Aparoid himself.
After they have the core-memory, they receive a distress signal from Corneria. Fox must take down radar-jammers, and take to the sky. His arwing is overrun, and is aided by his nemesis, Wolf, who wants to destroy Fox himself, when the time comes... The aparoids have taken over the good General Pepper, much like they did Pigma, and force him to attack the Starfox team. Fox takes him down.
Using the core-memory, the location of the aparoid homeworld was found, and a device was made to cause the aparoid queen to self-destruct. Unfortunately, the warp-gate is being attacked by aparoid missiles. A quick battle, and it's on the aparoid homeworld.
The aparoids have hatchers that generate a shield over the planet. Fox takes them out, but there is still a shield. The Great Fox is overrun with aparoids, so Peppy sacrifices the ship to break through the shield. The team makes it in, along with the starwolf teem, there to help, to the queen. After taking down the queen, they fire the self-destruct device, but the queen suppresses it. They have to go farther in to destroy the queen entirely. They do just that and all is well.

I thought the story was OK, and give it an 8/10.


The cut scenes were very well done... The character animation was smooth and realistic. Voices fit well, overall, except for a few characters. Visuals were great, as well, including forest foliage in the 1st mission, and alien landscapes in the final mission.

Cinematics 9.5/10


The gameplay is all that you would expect from Starfox, action... The arwing missions are fun, but the ground-based ones can get frustrating.

Gameplay 10/10.


Very, very fun feature. Over ten weapons, 4 characters, and 10 courses, custom rules, and unlockable play modes, the vs. mode is nothing short of amazing. 2 Characters are unlockable in vs., as well as a few courses, weapons, and play modes. Also, if you earn a silver medal in each mission, you can play the NES classic Xevious.

Multiplayer 10/10.


This game was a bit short, but that makes for a perfect rental. The game has lots of replay value, and you must play multiple times to get every medal, flag, and unlockable.

Overall 9/10.
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Wow. This is the oldest topic not to have been replied to. I guess I just changed that though...
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