I just released version 450 of Calcuzap for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition and TI-84 Plus CE. At long last you can now get the triple cannon ... as if blasting the enemy with two shots at once was not enough. This version also lengthens the game to 24 levels and adds multiple colors on the scroll text on the title screen (monochrome just seemed too dull). Available now from http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~pad/files/calcuzap-ti8c.zip and http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~pad/files/calcuzap-ti8c.zip -- soon to be available on all fine calculator sites. Screenshots below:

I really like these updates you made. I have almost cleared out the high score table with just my name. I haven't gotten the triple cannon upgrade yet. What does it look like? It sounds helpful. Will there be any more updates?
I just tried this on my CE and darn it is hard! Unlike Galaxian, Calcuzap almost felt like I was playing Touhou because of the massive amount of bullets Shock. It's very fun, though.

Do you plan to add more lives? Because starting with just 1 life seems a bit strange.
The triple cannon uses the same image as the single one. As you might guess, it fires one shot ahead and two diagonally, all at a higher speed than the single shot.

I do indeed plan to make further updates, ultimately making the game much longer. However, it is starting to seem like the large size of Calcuzap doesn't fit very well with the amount of RAM on the CSE, so I will be working on converting to a flash app before making further releases which will delay it a bit.

I'm glad to hear I didn't accidentally make the game too easy Very Happy
I guess the obvious question is, how did you make that screenshot?
I believe that's the CSE version. My screen shot for robotfindskitten is just a screen shot of the CSE version. It's the same font, after all, so it looks identical.
It is indeed from the CSE version, captured in WabbitEmu. It is pretty much identical to the CE version -- however the scroll text goes approximately twice as fast on the CE.
I just downloaded Calcuzap on my CSE, but it won't work Sad. When I enter the app, the scrolling text appears etc, but when I press 1-9, nothing happens. To quit, I must press [STAT], is that correct?
idk if it is possible but if it is then I think that a shop like in phoenix would be cool and this game is awsome Good Idea
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