Jesus Christ man, you really need to stop with the posts that have no explanation.
the topic title usually provides an explanation, but fine, I made these. hence the fact that they are in the Graphics forum.

long live Terragen.
Terragen FTW. I've had a lot of fun with this as well.
Maybe some thumbnails plz?

I dont use my precious server space on thumbnails when Im storing high def's.....surely you dont have dialup?

if you want fake thumbnails, go to, but be warned there are a ton of them
Wait, you're storing gigantic pics, but you're worried about storage space when I mention thumbnails?
I like to keep my space free for the cool stuff. <--how about this then?
I dont like photobucket. thats why I have 5gigs of bandwidth, what if they went away and took my pictures?

elfprince13 wrote:
...I have 5gigs of bandwidth...
Bandwidth or storage? Either way, thumbnails take only a few 10s of Ks...
bandwidth. I have only 80Mb of storage.

plus I have 500Mb of each on my UTI account.
i am willing to bet that these photos were made using Terragen...

i had it on my comp for while, but not anymore

edit : oops sorry didn't realize Kerm already mentioned it, should have read the topic first
O_O those are amazing!!! 3D program or something like GIMP or Photoshop?
Liazon wrote:
O_O those are amazing!!! 3D program or something like GIMP or Photoshop?

they are made by Terragen

and yes, it is terragen.

I do have one that I GIMPed on top of that too....
For those who hate JFGIing:
@Kerm: Elfprince made a topic about Terragen with a link about two days ago...
the beautiful software topic? that was me.

anyway, I made this topic more to discuss digitally altered/created landscape pictures than terragen.
Aye. I'll do my best to come up with some of my fun stuff.
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