After some thought, some poking from friends, and inspiration from Acag's Server, I decided to start a minecraft server! Currently, I have to set up permissions, and voting. The map is being taken care of by my friends. It will have 6 ranks:


Each one give you new permissions to use certain kits and commands. I will probably end up having them buy-able, but currently, if a player plays a lot and then an owner and/or mod will promote them. There will also be two other ranks for the mods and owners:


The IP will be

When it is up, I will post and maybe allow everyone on in the first week to get the Horse rank! Very Happy

Please post any suggestions and happy minecrafting!
Update: I have been having some trouble using the ChestCommand Plugin, I keep getting errors when I edit the example.yml file in the menus folder. If anyone wants to take a look at it, the code its here:

The error I get is:

while parsing a block mapping
in "<unicode string>", line 10, column 3:
name: '&1Kit Selection'
expected <block end>, but found '<scalar>'
in "<unicode string>", line 44, column 13:
COMMAND: 'pvpkit Mule'

I did a google search, but I couldn't fix it using the information provided from the spigot and bukkit forums. Sad
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