I'm just list some here
1. When you are constantly being interrupted by one or more people who curse WAY too much.
2. When your at war against an army of half life 2 scientists
3. When your brain caught fire, and the fire extiguisher is in the closet
4. And then a skeleton popped out! xD
5. When your elders scold you for playing minecraft.
6. When you dont play Minecraft.
7. When you try to tell a group of CoD playing obnoxious peeps to shut the fork up.
Thats it from me, so I guess if anyone else has any ideas of their own, please write it! I'm interested what other people can think of. Smile
CalcMax wrote:
1. When I get accused for trolling on cemetech even though I am innocent.

You've never given us any reasons to believe that you aren't trolling. You don't show any proof with your wild claims and topics.

2. When annoying members who hate me (i.e. Tari) tell me my hack(s) are useless even though others (i.e. elfprice13, etc...) are praising me.

There are two sides to this coin. In certain topics we've told you that your "hacks" are indeed useless. While in others we encourage you to continue with your endeavor. I've even been told my topics and ambitions have no point in some topics while aided , encouraged and praised in other topics.

3.When ComicIdiot and KermMartian threaten to ban me for no sane reason.

You don't listen. You call out members of our forum after you've been told not to. Calling out members by name is not how we deal with issues. Doing so creates more drama and that's not what we want here at Cemetech. You've been warned before, so consider yourself banned now.

4. When some random cemetech member like ** deliberately screws up one or more of my topics by spewing out off-topic fake criticisims at me.

Why did I ban you? Here's #2 where you specifically call out a member of our community. Regardless if it's true, PM an Admin. We'll take care of it, that isn't your battle.

5. When someone tells me that I should be banned.

Well, it happened.

6. When ***l spews curses and insults at my inbox.(thanks to Kerm for shutting *** up!!!)

And... here it is again.

We do not tolerate this behavior on Cemetech. You've been warned before and you didn't listen. I hope you see the error of your ways at some point but it's already to late for you to make amends here. Our community has been (largely) free from inter-user drama for years before you arrived. You then incite drama and play innocent. You're the source of this drama and, frankly, we aren't losing anything by letting you go.

Additionally, creating accounts to circumvent the ban is bannable as well. I figured I'd tell you now so there isn't any confusion later.
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